Sten Hostfalt Recordings

Sten Hostfalt's G-Factor /
[ Sonus Rex 0624-11]

Sten Hostfalt - Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electronics
Matt Renzi - Tenor & Soprano Saxophones, Slide Whistle
Raymond Todd - Poetry, Trombone, Flute, Toy Piano
Marko Djordjevic - Drums

All Music Composed by Hostfalt / Renzi / Todd / Djordjevic
Organized, coordinated, arranged and orchestrated by Sten Hostfalt
Recorded live in concert at Monkeytown, Brooklyn NY April 2, 2007,
in one single take with minimal post-editing and no overdubs.
Engineered, mixed, mastered and produced by Mark Trewella.
Cover Art by Kenny Young. Layout and Art Design by Bo-Jen.
Executive producer Sten Hostfalt.


PRESS RELEASE ( post-release, 2018 liner notes )
MONEYTOWN documents a select incarnation of the various duo,
trio and quartet lineups organized by Sten Hostfalt 2006-10
as ensemble manifestations of the microtonal work on his solo
albums '29 Pieces For The Microtonal Guitar' ( 2002 ) and
'Macroscope' (2006). Operating under various names but
typically billed as 'Sten Hostfalt's Ghost Factor', just 'Ghost'
Factor' or 'G-Factor' the music generated was enthusiastically
received by both the public, and bylocal NYC and international
media such as TomaJazz (Spain) and BadAlchemy (Germany), where
featured collaborators and on-off bandmembers Jimmy Weinstein and
Marko Djordjevic would refer to Sten Hostfalts projects as part of their
ongoing creative work on New York's Jazz & improvised music scene.
Due to the Sonus Rex labels challenged economy at the time,
not released until four years after its recording, practically
without resources to promote it, and therefore fairly anonymously
launched, and with that in mind aptly titled, complete with a pun on
the name of the hosting venue, that reportedly concerned with the
prospect of turnout, declined to book the band for a repeat concert.
While the venue, regrettably closed shortly thereafter, Sten Hostfalt
has continued to build and expand on the 2006-10 work done with
the 'Ghost Factor' lineups by remaining active as a solo performer
and as a leader of duos, trios, quartets and large ensembles.

PM NYC / Paper Magazine
at MONKEYTOWN NYC [ 2007 ]

" There are few musicians brave
enough to combine live poetry
with the toy piano and the
trombone but then there are few
musicians like Sten Hostfalt. He
takes even more risks with his
band GHOST FACTOR incorporating
guest improvisation into each
inimitable performance"

TomaJazz ( Spain )
by Jesus Moreno 2007

Lo cierto es que en mi mùsica me
gusta un acercamiento ínside-outside.
Me gusta experimentar con mi colega
Sten Hostfalt, que està desarollando
un concepto de guitarra microtonal.
El es uno que viene de la escuela
tradicional y sabe tocar muy inside.
Eso para mi es algo natural y no
exagerado, pero es muy abstracto
y poca gente escucharia algo asi
Hemos tocado ahora en Nueva York
en los clubes 'sub-underground'
Jimmy Weinstein artist spotlight.


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